FlipSockz was born out of the simple desire to keep Mother Nature out of your shoes and your feet happy while on the trails, at work or working around the yard. Years ago, while hiking in soft terrain, we found ourselves dumping our boots out far too often and the end result was frustration and irritated feet. We started flipping our socks down over our boots but all that ended up doing was trapping debris around our ankles and inevitably ruining the socks. Also, we know gaiters can be overkill for some and impractical for others.

So, after 25 years of hiking all over different parts of the country and working in the landscape and tree industry we realized there needs to be an easy, affordable solution to unhappy feet... Enter FlipSockz! FlipSockz offers the comfort and durability of any top of the line wool blend hiking/outdoor boot sock while the nylon flip-down gives you assurance that the inside of your boots will stay free of annoying debris and mostly dry. Now, over time, we have also come to realize there are tons of other places for FlipSockz! Whether you’re on a landscape crew, the shovel man on the construction site, working on the farm or just cleaning up your own yard, FlipSockz will keep your boots free from annoying debris, eliminating frustration and foot discomfort leading to a happier day on the trail or on the job.